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Perfect Programs for Passionate Golfers

Are you a golfer looking for a solution to a specific golf swing problem? Imagine getting a golf fitness program with the exact exercises and stretches you need. Improve your golf performance by addressing the physical issues that affect your golf swing. How much better do you think you will play?

featured workouts
Increase Your Drive Distance
Increase Drive Distance Workout

Just what you need to hit them
long and straight.
Inability to Pivot Properly
Inability to Pivot Properly

For golfers looking to get those
hips moving.
Advanced Body Weight Workout
Advanced Body Weight Workout

Challenge your fitness and
push the edge.
Senior Golf Workout
Senior Golf Workout

Designed especially for the
ageless golfer.
Dynamic Warmup Routine
Dynamic Warmup Routine

Join the first tee feeling
loose and free.
Junior Golf Workout
Junior Golf Workout

Perfect for young golfers in the
range of 10-14 years old.
to our valued customers

If you are a golfer who has passion for improvement in your health, fitness and your game, you have come to the right place.

We want this to be your ultimate shopping destination designed specifically for golfers who want the best of golf fitness defined in their own terms. You can have your very own golf fitness program-your way! We understand that you want the best results, but you also have time constraints to work around, so all programs are created to solve your most challenging physical issues in 20 minutes or less.

Are you looking to solve a specific swing fault like how to increase drive distance or improve your shoulder turn? Perhaps you want to improve core strength or improve your clubhead speed. Are you fighting off or coming back from a golf related injury such as golfers elbow? Or maybe you are in a special population group of golfers like seniors or juniors and want a program designed that meets your specific needs.

We are committed to providing golf fitness solutions to swing faults and physical issues as they relate to helping you become the best golfer you can be. If you really want to focus your golf game on results, then target your training and watch your handicap drop to record lows.

Yours in health, fitness and better golf,

Susan Hill
Professional Golf Fitness Trainer

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I have been waiting for programs just like these. I hate to sound so lazy, but I never really liked exercising and seem to have to work really hard to get motivated to go to the gym like other people. But now, I can just pull out a workout program in the evening and get it done while watching the Golf Channel or something else. It’s made a huge difference in my swing already. I’ve been working towards scratch and I may finally get there.

Chris M., Handicap 3

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Our Most Popular Golf Fitness Training
Golf Fitness | Golf Slice | Kettlebell Program | Travel Programs | Golf Fitness for Seniors

Common Golf Swing Fixes
Hips Sway | Ending Golf Swing Off Balance | Reverse Pivot | Not Enough Shoulder Turn | Weak Ankles | Spine Angle Changes During Swing | Hook the Ball

Off Season Golf Swing Strength Builders
Advanced Drive Distance-Power | 12 week Off Season Program | Golf Muscle Gain | Full Gym Workout

Rehabilitation of Golf Injuries
Golfers Elbow | Low Back Pain | Rotator Cuff Injury Rehabilitation

Golf Travel Progams and Workouts By Fitness Equipment Type
Don't let travel or access to equipment disrupt your golf fitness routine. Try the Using Bodyweight, Stretching at Home, Fitness Band Workout, or Travel Workout. Use our complimentary Interval Cardio Pre-Round Warmup to get oxygen pumping to your muscles.

Unique Golf Swing Balance, Rhythm and Synchronization Training!
Are you falling back during your downswing or finishing your swing off balance? Have some fun with programs that develop better Balance , Consistent Swing Rhythm and a Synchronized Swing .